Rebot Real Estate Technology #Proptech

Real estate data science uses bots, human intelligence, data analytics and artificial intelligence, to clean any real estate agents database.

Based in Melbourne we aim to improve the real estate industry in Australia.


Darren McCoy the founder has been defining the direction in real estate, marketing and technology for 20+ years now. His deep knowledge and understanding of all things real estate has enabled him to connect the dots with data and business intelligence to create this proptech data company. 

Matt Wood the chief of technology has been leading developers in global finance trading apps for 20+ years and brings his attention to detail with systems, data and security to the Rebot world.

Jacek Pierzchlewski the data scientist whose engineering passion meets real estate and brings a brave new world to Rebot and to prospecting algorithms.

Grant Raslan is our newest team member, bridging the worlds of IT and real estate, with a keen eye for data analysis and prospecting leads to drive Rebot’s success.

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